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What characterizes Artu Napoli? Artu Napoli stands for high-quality, stylish Italian clothing. An example of this is the Artu Napoli shirt. The shirt is available in an extensive collection of colors, styles and fabrics and always with an Italian flair and characteristic details. An extensive range of business and casual clothing is now available from Artu Napoli, including shirts, cardigans, sweaters, sweaters, trousers, chinos, loungewear, hats and scarves.

The collection is entirely produced in Italy and designed in the Netherlands, which ensures a contemporary and recognizable signature of quality and passion. Artu Napoli has now become an indispensable part of the collection. You can easily shop the collection online and in the store.

Artu Napoli Shirts Looking for a shirt that you can wear for both business and leisure? A shirt from Artu Napoli is then a good choice. For example, at Hans Voortman you will find stylish white and blue shirts in the collection. Ideal for under a jacket or sweater. Choose a shirt with a contrasting color that matches your jacket, sweater or pants. Characteristic of these shirts is that they are somewhat longer and slightly wider than shirts from other Italian brands. For summer and autumn you will also find linen shirts from Artu Napoli in the collection. Artu Napoli Sweaters A sweater from Artu Napoli is made of luxurious premium cotton or wool. The absence of a recognizable mark suits a minimalist, yet stylish look. Artu Napoli sweaters often have a white contrast stripe at the collar.



The fit of Artu napoli is normal, so order the clothing in your own size

Artu napoli is a Dutch brand, although you may not think it

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