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The story of C.P. Company starts in the year 1971. Missimo Osti starts the Chester Perry brand. From the outset, this brand was distinctive through the use of new painting techniques. Intense, deep colors are characteristic of the brand. In 1978 the name was changed to C.P. Company due to a lawsuit. In 1993 the brand was sold to Carlo Rivetti, yes the designer of Stone Island, and the name was changed to Sportswear Company. The C.P. However, company logo kept showing off on all items. For more than 45 years, CP Company has been pioneering in the field of sportswear. Every season you see new innovations, fabrics and dyeing techniques in the collections. C.P. Comany is a brand for every lover of designer clothes who has an eye for design and the story behind the brand.


A real C.P. Company icon is called the GOGGLE JACKET. This jacket is the end result of much research into protective coatings, functional design, and inspiration from old garments from around the world. The famous lenses on the back of the hat are inspired by the jackets of the Japanese army. The first goggle jackets were produced in 1987. A CP Goggle Jacket is a perfect jacket for an adventure. Even for a rally of which C.P. Company was the sponsor. The jacket protected the driver from the weather and was practical because of the many pockets. Of course the driver was well protected by the goggle cap. Nowadays you can also shop the Goggle jacket in a sofshell variant. Are you going for a more minimalist style? No problem, you can often hide the goggles by clicking them with buttons in the hat.

Fun fact: did you know that C.P. Company has inspired a number of jackets from the old motorcycle jackets of the Dutch police?


Do you want to know everything about the C.P. Company? Below we tell you extensively about this beautiful brand.



The Italian clothing company C.P. Company has a clear philosophy: Function and Use. The goal is to make authentic, top quality Italian garments that are unique because of the finish, colors and the latest fabrics and techniques. Because the brand has been around for a long time, you often see that the new collections are inspired by the older collection. In this way, the latest techniques are combined with timeless designs. Because the brand continues to innovate and experiment with the latest fabrics and dyeing techniques, this has resulted in C.P. Company is characterized as designer menswear, which has a high fashion content, but is also extremely practical for the person who wears it.

The secret weapon of C.P. Company is that they can dye garments in all colors that exist. This is done in a special laboratory in Italy. Here new fabrics are developed and extensively tested. This ensures that the colors have a deep, exclusive look.



Originally C.P. Company an Italian sportswear brand. Today it is a premium sportswear brand that can be described as a mix between casual wear or streetwear. So you can find finely knitted sweaters and turtlenecks in the collection, but also modern streetwear with high-quality designs and striking colors.

The brand focuses on two target groups. On the one hand, the enthusiast, that is the adult customer, who is traditionally familiar with the high-quality, functional designs of C.P. Company, and the millennials who are looking for stylish, unique items that they can wear every day. This brand therefore fits perfectly with all other brands that we sell at Hans Voortman.



C.P. Company is the very first Italian sportswear brand founded by the clothing engineer Massimo Osti. You probably wonder where the letters C.P. stand for. This is because the brand was called Chester Perry in the past. However, a lawsuit forced the name to be changed. The letters C.P. therefore refer to the old brand name.

The brand can be seen as the forerunner of casual sportswear in Europe. The designer was inspired by all kinds of garments. From police coats to military uniforms and overalls for steel workers. However, these clothes had one thing in common: all clothes had practical use. Practical utility is in every C.P. Company collection central. A truly unique feature introduced by the designer is the garment dye technique. The entire garment is dyed in its entirety. From the start, the brand was a huge hit in England, which later passed to the Netherlands. In 2019, the brand is one of the most renowned names in the sportswear industry.



You can shop a sweater from CP Company in many variants. When you go for a real C.P. If you want to go company classic, you can buy a sweater with a lens on the sleeve. You often see special weaving techniques on the sweaters, which give the sweaters a slightly casual look. You can also shop sweaters with the C.P. Company logo large written on the chest. Looking for a minimalist sweater? You can buy the jerseys from C.P. Company also shop without a brand logo.



You can shop a polo from CP Company in many colors at Hans Voortman. A CP polo can be recognized by the brand name that is embroidered small on the left chest.



You will find a cardigan from CP Company in the collection every season. You can shop them with or without a zipper. A cardigan with a zipper is sometimes provided with pockets and a goggle cap. If you do not want the goggles to be visible, you can easily hide them in the hat by clicking the buttons. A hoodie from C.P. Company can also often be found in the shop at Hans Voortman.



You will often find a hat from CP Company in the autumn / winter collection of Hans Voortman. These are often finely knitted hats with a small lens at the front. Every season we also have a hat with goggles in the collection! A real eye-catcher to complete your casual look.



With the rise of urban casual sportswear since the turn of the century, you see the C.P. Company sweaters are increasingly back. The brand is still gaining in popularity. CP's often 100% cotton sweaters can be recognized by their minimalist design with the large C.P. logo. Company written on the chest. In winter, in addition to the basic sweaters, you also have 100% wool sweaters with coarse woven structures with the well-known CP lens on the sleeve.





A CP sofshell jacket is a real eye-catcher and the icon of C.P. Company. The jacket was originally designed by the clothing engineer Massimo Osti for an Italian Rally; the Mille Miglia endurance race. The goal was to design a functional jacket. The designer came up with the idea to integrate the glasses into the jacket. This meant that the hat could be folded over the head and the glasses could be worn over the eyes.



However, the innovative jacket also had to be practical. Therefore, the jacket has been designed with a close attention to the human shape when in a riding position. The jacket therefore had to offer optimal comfort when sitting. That's why C.P. Company gave the jacket a kind of "bulge" in the sleeves and back. As a result, the jacket offers minimal resistance when you sit down and you can move your arms well. Moreover, the jacket does not pinch while sitting. This is of course very unique! The Softshell Goggle jackets from C.P. Company are therefore a true example of craftsmanship.

Ergonomics is the keyword when you talk about a softshell jacket from C.P. Company. For example, when you look at the goggle cap, it is nice to know that the cap has a perfect anatomical fit of the human head. Because of this fit you can perfectly put a helmet over your head when the cords of the hat are tightened. In 2009 the glasses in the hat had a make-over. The glasses are rounder and closer. Visibility has also been improved and has an anti-reflective coating that allows you to use it as sunglasses too.



Minimalist, distinctive, but functional design make this a much-loved jacket. Often the softshell jackets are finished with goggles in the hat. A softshell jacket from CP Company is a wonderful jacket for every season. The Goggle Jacket is top quality and made of 3 layers of GORE-TEX softshell material. This makes the softhell jacket an ideal transseasonal jacket. It is the ideal jacket to quickly put on when you go outside or practical for when you are in the car. Also handy for cycling in the autumn when it rains, because the softshell contains stretch, is water-repellent and windproof. The CP softshell jacket is also often stitched with a waterproof tape. Please note that the softshell jacket is not very suitable for cold winter days, because it is a lot thinner than a winter jacket. We therefore recommend wearing the softshell jacket up to temperatures of 0 degrees.

The designers of C.P. Company only want to dye the coats in earthy, natural pigments. This means that the colorsceme is more authentic, deeper and more exclusive than many other brands. In winter the jacket is warm enough with a somewhat thicker sweater underneath and in summer it is not too warm because the fabric handles moisture well.


After reading this story, have you become completely enthusiastic about the softshell jackets from C.P. Company? Then visit our store in Rijssen or shop your coat online at Hans Voortman.



The casual lifestyle brand is becoming more and more popular. Are you curious about the latest collections and designs from C.P. Company? Hans Voortman is one of the largest dealers in the Netherlands, so there is a good chance that you will find your C.P. find the item you are looking for. This season we notice that the basic sweaters with lenses are very popular. In addition, the sofshell jackets are very much in demand. Come the C.P. Discover the Company collection in the store in Rijssen or shop safely online.





C.P. Company is an Italian brand. However, the clothes are normal in terms of size. We advise you to order your own size. Stone Island clothing is often shorter. C.P. Company is a good choice if you are a bit taller.

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With most vests and jackets you can turn the goggles over and clip them invisibly into the hat.

Yes, on the inside of the lens is a rubber band. You can click / push the lens out from the inside.


At Hans Voortman you can shop the most beautiful items from C.P. Company in-store or online. You can find a wide range in the store in Rijssen. You also have the advantage of being provided with expert advice. Visit the CP store in Rijssen, Overijssel and discover the collection.



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