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Suede Santoni shoes

Santoni has different models of suede shoes. At Hans Voortman you can shop suede sneakers and suede pointed shoes and loafers. The shoes have a real luxurious appearance and even higher wearing comfort! You can also combine the Santoni suede shoes well. Wear the Suede sneaker with cool jeans or with casual chinos. The suede sneakers and shoes have a rubber sole, which ensures that the shoes are super comfortable on your foot.


Do you want to know everything about the beautiful brand Santoni?

Santoni is known for its traditional techniques, exclusive leather and the hand-made-in-italy philosophy. Santoni has achieved this success by acting innovatively and maintaining traditions. Over the years, Santoni has changed a lot without losing its true passion for beauty and quality. Andrea Santoni's son, Giuseppe Santoni, was born in 1968 and grew with the company. By entering the factory a lot at a young age, Giuseppe quickly learned to work diligently and meticulously. At a certain age he joined the business and to this day Giuseppe manages and directs the company. He took over the most important things from his father so that the company could continue to make shoes of quality and tradition. Furthermore, a piece of passion was also involved when a collaboration was concluded with IWC Schaffausen and Mercedes AMG. He traveled around the world to show the Santoni's to people from countries around the world. He successfully opened new markets in countries all over the world.

A real family business

Many attempts were made to acquire the Santoni company, but this has not happened to this day. It is therefore a real family business that is keen to preserve traditions and customs. At Hans Voortman you can shop many different types of Santoni shoes. The factory where today's Santoni's are made is located in Macerata. Santoni shoes has something for everyone, a sporty leather sneaker, suede shoes, buckle shoes and loafers for every occasion. By paying a lot of attention to their products, Santoni delivers real high-end shoes. Each pair of Santoni's unique.

Sustainable entrepreneurship with Santoni

In June 2010 Santoni opened its headquarters in Corridonia. The property is entirely based on sustainability, so there are natural lights, energy-saving devices and ecosystems. The leather that is processed in Santoni's shoes is untreated and natural. By tanning it vegetable, they keep respect for nature. Within the company, all the paper that is used has the FSC quality mark and therefore comes from an ecologically maintained forest. With this Santoni shows that they care about the environment and nature and by keeping traditions and customs they contribute to a better world.


Santoni Buckle shoes

The Santoni buckle shoes are made of 100% leather and have a rubber sole. These very smart casual shoes look luxurious and run very comfortably. With the buckle shoes from Santoni you give your outfit a boost; the shoes are a real eye-catcher. You can combine these shoes in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of occasions. You could wear them under jeans or chinos, but also under your suit. Your outfit is complete with a matching Santoni belt. At Hans Voortman you can shop Santoni buckle shoes in many different colors and sizes.

Santoni sneakers

At Hans Voortman you can find different models of Santoni sneakers. Different from 100% leather to 100% suede and various colors, there is something for everyone. For example, go for the calf leather sneaker in light beige or for the sneakers made of 100% suede in green. Complete your look with the sneaker with the overflowing sole in the style of the leather, giving the sneaker a cool look. Whatever you choose, Santoni sneakers are fashionable, trendy and very comfortable.

Santoni slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes from Santoni are an everyday shoe. Because you can easily take the shoes off and on and you do not have to tie or fasten them. Due to the rubber sole and the many possible freedom of movement, the Santoni slip-on shoes are optimally fit without taking your foot off just like that. These shoes made of 100% suede are not only comfortable but also very fashionable.

Santoni belts

Would you like to match your Santoni’s with a matching belt? At Hans Voortman in the store in Rijssen, Twente you can shop your matching Santoni belt to complete your outfit. Visit the store in Overijssel or send an email to

How do I maintain my Santoni's

Of course you want to make your Santoni's look as beautiful as possible and keep it that way. This is possible if you maintain your Santoni's properly. Here are a few steps to keep your Santoni's as beautiful as possible.

  1. Air out your Santoni's after wearing:
    If you're not wearing your Santoni's, use padding to keep your shoes in a nice, sleek shape. Leave the padding while cleaning, so you can clean them more precisely and not miss a spot.
  2. Make sure you only use products that are of quality when maintaining your shoes and make sure that with leather you only use excellent quality leather products; this will keep your Santoni's beautiful for the longest time.
  3. Creams with a high wax content care for the leather and slow down the aging process. Never use water! Water damages the color and makes your shoes a shade lighter. Use ointment regularly and use small amounts on your freshly cleaned shoes.
  4. Neutral polisher should only be used for cleaning. Use a cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. For further polishing, it is recommended to use a brush, preferably horsehair.
  5. For suede shoes or partly suede money only use rubber brushes. Suede can lose color if it comes into contact with liquid agents.
  6. Never use self-polisher. Which may seem fast but can be very harmful to your shoes. Do not use iron brushes and make sure that you always let your shoes dry naturally and not by direct heat, so never put your Santoni's in the daylight, this can cause your shoes to dry out and / or crack. All leather parts of your shoes should also be treated with a cream.

Santoni Spades

Shop your own pair of Santoni's shoes now and wear them on everyday occasions, or on a very special occasion. Shop them now online or in the Santoni store in Rijssen and discover the collection, Overijssel. In the store you will be provided with expert advice so that you can find the perfect pair of Santoni's that suit you.

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