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Kent and Curwen

Maybe you know the old English brand Kent and Curwen. It is a brand that has been around for a long time, the brand was founded in 1926, two years after Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen first crossed each other on Savile Row, a street in the Mayfair region, which lies in the heart of London. If you compare that area with the rest of London, it stands out as one of the most upscale areas in the city. That region is now known as a place where you as a shopper should definitely go when you are in London. On the same street, Kent and Curwen's headquarters are still located. That's where the whole story of Kent and Curwen began, the story was full of quirk and character.

What does Kent & Curwen have to do with David Beckham and the Peaky Blinders?

This might bring you to the question, who actually wears knows and curwen? It is very aimed at the man who likes sports, or likes to admire sports. A man who likes a unique style and goes for timeless items in his wardrobe, not to mention the best materials on his body. A man who likes to dress classically, but also fashionable. Actually, this brand suits many types of styles.

The brand's goal at the moment? Finding the traditional garments in heritage details that will return to men today. Their ambition is to create a modern lifestyle brand, also with a good look back at the history of the brand and that it is instinctively wearable for men all over the world.

Maybe you know the brand of the English football player David Beckham. David is a versatile entrepreneur, because he has a football club under his name and is co-owner of this brand next to his own football. But why with this brand? David is a big fan of Peaky Blinders, which is also one of the reasons that he has released a collection that can be compared to the clothing style of peaky blinders. It was officially designed by the creative director daniel Kearns. One thing is also very striking here, the collection has been given the name The Garrison Tailors, a name that may sound familiar to you. This is the name of The Peaky Blinders' favorite pub. David also has another collection of the moment, which he has named the Three Lions. You may have heard of this collection, this is the collection with the Rose on the left chest. The English footballer was involved in the entire process with this line. Think of Marketing, product development, market expansion and, last but not least, the shopping experience. Meanwhile, it is a popular brand which is also known all over the world. Does it seem like an interesting brand and do you want to try it on? come to our store in Rijssen, or shop it online in the webshop.


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How did the brand come about?

Although they have now developed a modern line, they were the first to develop neckwear in 1930. Starting with this, it resulted in good connections at many universities in Oxford and Cambridge. A few years later, they had promoted themselves well in the wider area. They went on to supply the finest clubs in london, the best schools in london and all the british regiments all over the country. Two years later, Kent and Curwen bought a knitwear factory in the same town in London. They made good progress there, as they are the very first to produce sweaters for the sport of cricket. Their style was very popular and attractive. Within months, cricket clubs all over the world knew about the brand. Since then, Kent and Curwen have transitioned from sports, doing so so that they could become a global standard. The director and designer Eric Kent was mainly known for his own style.

The Style of this English brand comes from the designer

His style is still inspired today. An example of his own design, for example, when he ran out of inspiration to design something, he would put a tie on the floor, take all kinds of different flowers and throw them over it. This resulted in different color combinations, most of the combinations he delivered you would not normally have found together. Kent showed off well with his design, but also with the conventional dress code that he came up with. He was very fond of socks in the color red. He also loved to combine a sporty line of clothing with a neat business suit. His clothes went on and on, all over the world. He became more and more famous and thus also got more connections. A few years later, he was allowed to dress up the Hollywood cricket club in the 1930s. That was not just a small festival, because there were big acquaintances, think of Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier and C Aubrey Smith. Unfortunately Eric Kent passed away in 1939. That was not just a small festival, because there were big acquaintances, think of Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier and C Aubrey Smith. Unfortunately Eric Kent passed away in 1939.

What are the current trends at Kent & Curwen?

The presence of the early designer is still striking. His signature is clearly visible. That's not just because of his flair in the clothes, mainly because of his Three Lions insignia, which is dissected from the heraldry of his family crest. The logo of his family crest was later used as the emblem of English sports teams. This is an original gesture that has an unbreakable link with the company's proud British heritage. To continue the legacy of kent and curwen in the 21st century, daniel kears (the brand's creative director) has been inspired by the originality and authenticity of his past, creating a contemporary wardrobe that fits the modern man perfectly. They try to recreate the classic features of British sport Cricket so that it can be worn in any circumstance and on any occasion.