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What is the fit of Eton?

Eton shirts have a different cut. This depends on the fit. There are 3 types of fits. The contemporary: this is a regular fit. The Slim Fit and the Classic fit. The Classic fit has a slim fit up to size 41 and regular fit from size 42.

Is Eton an English brand?

Eton is originally a Swedish brand. When the founder's sons were looking for the best quality cotton in England, they came to the small town of Eton. A series of shirts was named after this place. However, this series became so popular that we

How do I best maintain my Eton shirts?

Always follow the washing instructions. Unbutton the shirt and turn the collar up and turn the shirt inside out. Set the washing machine to a low speed. When the laundry is done, hang the shirt on a hanger and smooth the collar. Wring the ov
ETON SHIRTS MODELS At Hans Voortman you can shop different models of shirts and shirts from Eton. We sell three models online and in-store. THE ETON CONTEMPORARY FIT A shirt from Eton with a contemporary fit is a regular fit. The shirt has extra room around the upper body. Ideal if you don't like a tight-fitting shirt or if you are a bit wider. THE ETON SLIM FIT A shirt from Eton with a slim fit has a modern fit and fits nicely around the body. THE ETON CLASSIC FIT A classic fit Eton shirt is a slim fit up to size 41. From size 42, this shirt has a contemporary / regular fit.

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