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Parajumpers: High-tech outwear


Strangely enough, the story of the Italian brand Parajumpers starts in Alaska! After all, the brand is dedicated to the 210th Rescue Squadron in Alaska. The brand has not been around for very long; it was founded in 2005 by a well-known designer. Italian designer Massimo Rosetti was impressed with the work of the rescue workers. These military-backed rescue workers operate in the most difficult of circumstances to save lives. Difficult missions require these people to get the best out of themselves and also high-quality, functional equipment. The designer has therefore designed jackets that are functional, but also fashionable. At Hans Voortman we are therefore real fans of this wonderful brand.


What is the fit of Parajumpers?

Parajumpers clothes have a normal cut. We therefore advise you to order your own size. If a product is smaller or larger, we will mention this in the product description.

Are there any down feathers come out of a Parajumpers down jacket?

Parajumpers down jackets are of very good quality and the jackets are made in such a way that the loss of down is minimized as much as possible. Nevertheless, it may happen that you occasionally find some down feathers on your outerwear.

Do you also sell caps and hats from Parajumpers?

Sure. In the summer you can buy caps and in the winter you can shop caps and hats from Parajumpers.

Is ordering Parajumpers menswear from Hans Voortman reliable?

Good question! There are many fake Parajumpers coats in circulation right now. Fake Parajumpers are not only inferior in quality, but can also be harmful to whoever wears them. At Hans Voortman you can be sure that you are buying real Parajumpers.
Which Parajumpers models are there? The Parajumpers collection consists of different jackets, sweaters and cardigans. Below we tell you which models you can buy from Hans Voortman. There are the: Ugo Man: This is a down filled jacket from Parajumpers without a hood. PARAJUMPERS Last Minute Man: This is a down filled jacket from Parajumpers with hood. Right Hand Man: This is a jacket with many pockets and a fur collar; the jacket is filled with down. PARAJUMPERS NOLAN MAN: This is a down filled vest jacket. Caleb: This is a sweater with the Parajumpers logo on the left sleeve or written out on the chest. Kanya Man: Is a real designer jacket with a minimalistic look. Perfect Man: This is a body warmer from Parajumpers. Parajumpers Elliot Man: You can see this jacket in the collection in the summer. This is a thin cardigan coat with stretch without a hat. Parajumpers Jonny Man: These are the t-shirts with a slim-fit fit.

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