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Polo Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren menswear has been very popular for years. The menswear brand is best known for the famous ralph lauren logo with the horse. The horse can often be seen on Ralph Lauren's polos, caps, sweaters and shirts. Ralph Lauren clothing is also known for the good quality and beautiful colors.

You can choose a complete outfit of this brand in the Hans Voortman webshop. From a casual outfit to a business look. In the summer you can also shop a lot of Ralph Lauren polo shirts. At Hans Voortman you will find more than 60 different polos online and in the store! Visit the Ralph Lauren store in Rijssen or shop easily online.


What is the fit of Polo Ralph Lauren items?

Ralph Lauren menswear has a normal fit. Order your own size.

Where can I shop Ralph Lauren menswear?

You can shop Ralph Lauren menswear at Hans Voortman in the store in Rijssen and online in the webshop.

When is the Polo Ralph Lauren Sale?

Do you want to shop a Ralph Lauren item in the sale? Sign up for the newsletter and follow us on social media. You will then be the first one to know.

Ralph Lauren: classic and fashionable in one.

Did you know that Ralph Lauren was a glove and tie brand in the beginning? Over the years, a complete men's collection has emerged and this has contributed to the popularity of American Sportswear. A number of items from the collection are classic, but never boring. Polos with American flags or striped shirts have been in the collection for years, but are still just as popular. Maybe you once shopped for a Ralph Lauren t-shirt or polo. Good news, because these will never be removed from the collection. However, if you like it, you can always shop it in many other colors at Hans Voortman. So there is always a good reason to purchase a new item from Polo Ralph Lauren.


Want to know everything about the Polo Ralph Lauren brand?
How it started

Ralph Lauren launched his brand in 1968 by releasing a full menswear collection. His motivation? Ralph had been dreaming of his own clothing line for a long time and told his boss this. His boss's response was not one you hope or expect: Ralph was laughed at hard. Now, with private assets of over $ 7 billion, his boss was wrong. Ralph Lauren Corporation's mission was to bring the American style back to the market. The brand is best known for the polos they produce. In addition to clothing, the brand was also expanded to include shoes, perfumes, household items and other accessories. With the iconic logo on every product and garment: a polo player.

The logo

The logo reflects the rich, proud American look and tradition. It aims to show the feelings of pride, wealth, and good life of the American people. Ralph Lauren has become one of the most popular brands in fashion and known in more than 100 countries worldwide. Every year the brand comes with a unique collection that has something beautiful to offer for every man. For example, they have a clothing line for the sportier dressed men: the polo sport collection. They also have a wear to work collection, this collection mainly consists of neat shirts, jackets and trousers.

Contemporary Ralph Lauren

The brand keeps a close eye on the latest trends and also responds to them. The brand's most popular collaboration at the moment is the earth polo. This polo is made from 100% recycled plastic that comes from the sea. This collaboration is the future, because they are already expanding it further with sweaters and jackets. Helping each other towards a better world is of paramount importance to Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren, for example, is the co-founder of the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research. It didn't stop there, because he also founded a Center for Cancer Care in New York. In this way they continue to invest in charities and thus contribute to a better world. In everything they do, they find it extremely important to be as hospitable as possible to the customer!

The Ralph Lauren History

1967, the year Ralph Lauren released his first item, a tie. It didn't stop with just one tie, as a full collection of ties was launched soon after. This collection was named Polo. Working from the Empire State Building, Ralph was mainly inspired by the glamor of Old Hollywood. Ralph responded well to the then prevailing trends, namely the wide tie, handmade and of the highest quality fabrics. A year later, in 1968, Ralph launched his first full menswear collection with the statement, "I wanted a piece of clothing that excited me." Another year later, 1970, Ralph opens his first boutique to receive the Polo by Ralph Lauren. In 1971 Ralph made his debut with the famous Polo Pony, embroidered on the left chest. He also introduces a polo shirt in different colors, for which the best materials were used. This polo shirt became an icon of the American style.

Ralph Lauren introduces his first full women's collection a year later. Not without success, because in 1976 he won a Coty prize for women's clothing. He also received a prize for his men's collections, namely the Coty Hall of Fame. Ralph Lauren expands rapidly and in 1981 he opens his first store outside the US, in London. The Polo Bear was introduced in 1991, presenting a full line of garments with the Polo Bear logo. Unfortunately, not only did Ralph Lauren get positive reactions, but he doesn't give up, saying at the time: "You have to do what you believe in and stick with it, never give up!"

He certainly did not give up, because in the years that followed he continued to design and launch new collections. For example, the Polo Sport collection came in 1992, the Double RL collection in 1993 and the Purple Label collection in 1995. In 2006 Polo Ralph Lauren became the official outfitter of Wimbledon, the largest tennis championship in the world. In 2007 Ralph wins his second CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year award. Ralph Lauren continues to grow and there is certainly a lot of future in the company.

The Ralph Lauren collection at Hans Voortman

Are you looking for the most beautiful articles from Ralph Lauren? Then Hans Voortman menswear is the right place for you. There is a wide range of Ralph Lauren clothing and accessories in the store in Rijssen as well as online. The range includes sweaters, hoodies, shirts, pants and of course the well-known polos. Are you looking for your perfect outfit, but you still can't succeed at Ralph Lauren? Then we advise you to also take a look at the collections of Tommy Hilfiger or Lacoste; also available

Ralph Lauren swimsuit

Ralph Lauren swimming trunks are extremely popular. Due to the elastic waistband with the drawstring, the swimsuit molds completely to your fit. This fine fit provides great wearing comfort. Due to the vibrant colors, the swimwear also looks beautiful. They consist of 100% polyester and have the well-known Ralph Lauren logo at the bottom left. Be well prepared for the summer and buy those beautiful swimming trunks!

Ralph Lauren hoodie

The Ralph Lauren hoodie can be perfectly combined with shorts, jeans or sweatpants. The hoodie has a hood with drawstring and long sleeves with ribbed cuffs. The Ralph Lauren signature logo is embroidered on the left chest of each hoodie. The inside of the hoodie consists of fleece, which gives a wonderfully soft and warm feeling. Hans Voortman menswear offers the hoodies in different colors and sizes. We also have them in the store and webshop all year round. Would you like a Ralph Lauren hoodie? Guaranteed success at Hans Voortman ...

Ralph Lauren beanie

Hats are indispensable in winter or when you go to a cold holiday destination. Ralph Lauren hats are therefore a perfect and essential addition to your outfit. The hats are timeless and that is why you can enjoy them for years to come. The ribbed brim of the hat can be turned up for a perfect look. The famous Ralph Lauren logo is embroidered on this edge.

A complete look from Ralph Lauren Shopping

Have you already seen our lookbook on the site? Here we often post looks with Ralph Lauren items. Ideal, because that way you can immediately see how the garment is standing and falling out. Ralph Lauren men's clothing is often very easy to combine. You can wear a striped shirt or cable sweater with jeans or smart trousers. Ralph Lauren polos can be combined well with swimming trunks or shorts. Choose a fun, striking color!


Read all about two special lines from the Ralph Lauren brand
Ralph Lauren polo bear

1902: The Year It All Began ... President Theodore Roosevelt went on a bear hunt. However, the president's hunt for days was not yet successful. To make something out of it, a friend nailed a stuffed bear to a tree so they could shoot it. Roosevelt thought it was a crazy idea and therefore refused to shoot the bear. Too "unsportsmanlike" according to Roosevelt. A few weeks later, a photo of the president surfaced showing that he refused to shoot that stuffed bear. This photo inspired many people. Toy vendors named toy bears after the president and marketed additional bears. Several years later, Ralph and his brother Jerry got a bear for their birthday. The bears were both neat and smartly dressed. As many people were inspired by the president's photo, Ralph was inspired by this gift. He wanted to put a bear on his clothes and said, `` No matter where the polobear is walking around, it will always be loved: who doesn't love a toy bear? '' And it turns out, because Ralph Lauren makes his debut in 1991. with the bear and to this day it is still very popular!

The Earth polo By Ralph Lauren

Attention to the environment and sustainability is becoming increasingly important. That is why many clothing brands pay attention to producing clothing as sustainably as possible and thereby contributing to a cleaner world. Ralph Lauren also focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly production. For example, Ralph Lauren was in Haiti with Ian Rosenberger to help with clean-up work after the 2010 earthquake. Many organizations donated bottles of water for earthquake survivors. However, this had major consequences for the increase in plastic waste. Unfortunately, many plastic bottles ended up on the street. A huge amount of rubbish ended up on the beach and washed into the sea. However, they did not want to let this happen and that is why the idea was conceived to instruct the local population to clean up the plastic waste. All waste should be turned into something useful. This idea caught on, as almost 200,000 pounds of plastic was taken from Haiti. For example, they managed to create a raw material that Ralph Lauren could make a polo from. Ralph Lauren made a promise: their goal was to recycle 170 million plastic bottles by 2025. About 12 plastic bottles are needed for one polo shirt. If they want to achieve their target within five years, they have to produce an average of 2.8 million shirts per year. The great thing about this polo is that they are 100% recycled, but can also be recycled for 100%. The polos are available in four different colors, namely green, white, light blue and dark blue. Each color is made through a very unique.


Ralph Lauren Men

When making a good choice for men's clothing, many people end up with Ralph Lauren. This well-known brand is widely praised for the high quality and stylish appearance of the garments released. Most people know Ralph Lauren from the men's polo shirts, but other items from the range, such as trousers, sweaters and jackets, are also popular these days. It is also advisable to purchase your Ralph Lauren men's clothing from Hans Voortman. On the rest of the page you can read more about why this is the case and you will also learn more about the Ralph Lauren brand.

The features of Ralph Lauren menswear

Before we discuss the range of Ralph Lauren men's fashion at Hans Voortman, it is important to first talk about the brand itself. This way you will soon be fully informed about why Ralph Lauren clothing is so popular. In the late 1960s, clothing designer Ralph Lauren introduced a phenomenal summer shirt for men, namely the Ralph Lauren polo. This piece of clothing was so well received that the brand became world famous in a short time. Its modern look, excellent material and signature polo player logo made it one of the most worn types of men's shirts. Later, the established company, the Ralph Lauren Corporation, also released other garments for men.

Polos from Ralph Lauren for men

As previously described, the Ralph Lauren polo for men is the garment with which the brand has become so famous. Over the years, some minor adjustments have been made to the material used. For example, the company wants to work for a better world and that is why the Ralph Lauren polo shirts are made from recycled plastic. What has remained the same in recent decades is the reputation of the brand. Ralph Lauren polo shirts are synonymous with elegance, style and quality.

Other Ralph Lauren clothing for men

Of course, the well-known polo is not the only type of men's garment released by the Ralph Lauren Corporation. Nowadays you can also contact this brand for the autumn collection. For example, you can opt for comfortable Ralph Lauren sweaters or sweaters. In addition, it is also possible to buy jackets, pants or T-shirts or shirts from Ralph Lauren men. One thing is certain, the Ralph Lauren range for men certainly does not disappoint.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing Ralph Lauren clothing?

When purchasing Ralph Lauren men's clothing, it is important to make a good choice. Although you can easily exchange or return at reliable clothing stores such as Hans Voortman, it is a waste of your time to choose the wrong item of clothing. Therefore, first of all, make sure you know which size is most suitable for you. It can also help to choose a specific fit such as regular fit or slim fit. Do you want to make sure it will look good on you? Then it is best to visit our clothing store to try on the Ralph Lauren men's clothing. You will also have an abundance of choice in both the webshop and in the store. In any case, you will not soon regret purchasing Ralph Lauren men's clothing from Hans Voortman!


The Polo Ralph Lauren Sale

Are you missing a polo or sweater in your wardrobe, but would you rather shop for a discount? No problem, check our site regularly for discounts and promotions. Also follow us on social media and sign up for the newsletter. That way you will never miss the Ralph Lauren sale!

Want to order Ralph Lauren polos and sweaters online?

Polo Ralph Lauren has become an indispensable part of today's man's wardrobe. New this season is the Ralph Lauren sportswear line. The Polo Ralph Lauren items complete your casual look. Easily order your Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, cardigan, sweater, chino, jeans, scarf, jacket or sweater with logo in the store or online. The order is always shipped as soon as possible so that you can wear your ordered Polo Ralph Lauren item quickly!

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