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At Hans Voortman we are proud that we have been selling the Tommy Hilfiger brand since the brand came to the Netherlands. If you are looking for a Tommy Hilfiger sweater or jacket, you've come to the right place. Are you looking for a Tommy Hilfiger jeans or shirt? Then you can also choose from our wide range. You can now shop Tommy Hilfiger menswear both online and in store.


What is the fit of Tommy Hilfiger?

Tommy Hilfiger has a normal cut. Order your own size.

When is the Tommy Hilfiger Sale?

Want to buy Tommy Hilfiger items with a discount? Sign up for the newsletter or follow us on social media. Then you know for sure that you are the first to know when the TH sale starts.

The logo

Everyone knows it: the 2 blue stripes with the white and red blocks in between. Even if you don't know much about fashion, this logo is familiar to you somewhere. You also see the logo and the red and white colors everywhere. In small on the chest or in large with the text Tommy Hilfiger Est. 1985.


Who wears Tommy Hilfiger?

Tommy Hilfigers collection has also been super expanded this year from colorful T-shirts to neat shirts. Tommy Hilfiger is there for every consumer, because the collection is very diverse. Do you like casual sporty or a mix of both, this is possible with the diverse collection of Hans Voortman, for example combine a casual chino with a sporty sweater. The collection at Hans Voortman is for young and old from neat Chinos to sporty jeans. For example, our models are different, such as slim fit and regular models.

Shop the Tommy Hilfiger collection

The Tommy Hilfiger clothes can be found in almost every wardrobe, young or old, it doesn't matter. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world and you can shop your favorite Tommy Hilfiger products online. Once your order has been placed, we will ensure that your order is shipped as soon as possible.

Why Tommy Hilfiger became so popular and still is

You can shop the Tommy Hilfiger collection from America in all kinds of colors and sizes at Hans Voortman. In the clothing of the worldwide Tommy Hilfiger you can still find American designs and designs to this day. It is a truly world brand and Tommy Hilfiger can be found in every continent. Tommy also makes himself very famous for partnering with Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton. As a result, the Tommy Hilfiger Brand is growing into one of the world's largest recognized lifestyle brands, sharing its young character with its buyers in all countries. When seeing Tommy Hilfiger clothing, many people will prefer a preppy clothing style or a very classic one. This is reinforced by celebrities around the world appearing in Tommy denim jackets or on the red carpet in a Tommy tailored suit. By attracting a large audience, Tommy Hilfiger organizes many parties with a show where all new / existing products are shown to the public. Not only do they inspire people, but you also show them what is popular and attract the attention of the press.

History of Tommy Hilfiger

Thomas Jacob “Tommy” Hilfiger was born in 1951 in Ney York. Tommy Hilfiger, like most Americans, came from a large Catholic family with no fewer than nine children, of which he was the second. His mother was a sister and his father a watchmaker. At the beginning of his career he started at the age of 18 as a seller of modern hip clothing. People's place was Tommy Hilfiger's first store. It was a real rock and roll shop; he bought his clothes from another company but after a while Tommy Hilfiger found it no longer up to standard and started sketching himself. There were also concerts in his shop and you could get your hair cut. In 1977, the 10 branches of People's Place came to an end and went bankrupt.

In 1979 he started as a fashion designer in New York mainly from preppy clothing. And from that followed in 1984 the first Hilfiger men's collection, this was possible because businessman Mohan Murjani contacted Mr. Hilfiger with the aim of launching a men's sportswear brand. The Tommy Hilfiger corporation was founded in 1985 and launched a smashing advertising campaign. His clothing line could be admired on a large screen in Times Square. Hilfiger was very successful and became the menswear designer of the year in 1995. Hilfiger had his own Tommycares organization that was there to support charities such as Save the Children, Autism Speaks and The World Wildlife fund. Hilfiger's Collections are often shaped by his taste in music, which was mainly Rock and Roll. Hilfiger even sponsored several tours and events, for example the 1997 If it makes you happy tour and Britney Spears in 1999. It influenced the clothing style so that not only the hip-hop scene but also the preppy fashion was influenced by Tommy. Aaliyah the face of the R&B scene became the face of the Tommy Hilfiger corporation. This added even more popularity to the fast-growing brand.

T-shirt From Tommy Hilfiger

At Hans Voortman you will find a diverse collection of T-shirts. The summery colors are clearly reflected in the Tommy Hilfiger collection. The timeless T-shirts also return with that somewhat more neutral color. Tommy T-shirts are very diverse; there is a difference in color but also in print. You have striped shirts, T-shirts with a large logo with text, but also with a small logo on the chest. The T-shirts that you can shop at Hans Voortman are available in slim-fit and regular-fit. They are made of 100% cotton or 96% cotton and 4% stretch, which ensures that your T-shirts are comfortable to wear. Whichever you choose, Tommy T-shirts will get you spring and summer ready.

Tommy Hilfiger polo

If you like color, you have come to the right place with the Tommy Hilfiger collection of polos by Hans Voortman. The collection is very colorful, and the polos can be bought in two fits. Both regular fit and slim fit. If you are a bit taller or wider, it is best to wear the regular-fit polo shirts, as these run wider and ensure that it drapes you nicely. The slim-fit polos have a tailored fit and fit snugly around your waist. The polos vary between a 2 and a 3 button placket polo and are made from 100% cotton. All this ensures that you can choose from many different colors and models, so that you can shop the perfect Tommy Hilfiger polo that suits you.

Sweaters and hoodies from Tommy Hilfiger

Are you looking for a casual sweater with a shirt underneath? Or a hoodie that is nice and warm but still nice for the summer? The collection of Tommy Hilfiger sweaters at Hans Voortman is large and offers, among other things, casual sweaters that can be combined well with a shirt and chinos for a real casual look. But Tommy Hilfiger sweaters are also extremely comfortable for everyday activities. The sweaters are often made of 100% cotton and are not only comfortable but also super warm. You can combine them well with different clothing styles. The hoodies of the Tommy Hilfiger collection come in many different designs, for example the hoodie with the text Tommy Hilfiger Est. 1985. You can also choose a small logo on the chest or a large logo in the middle of your hoodie; in short, the hoodies and sweaters from Tommy Hilfiger are not only for young and old, but also super comfortable and boost your wardrobe.

Shirts from Tommy Hilfiger

Whether you wear your shirt in or out of the pants, Tommy Hilfiger shirts can do it all. Because of the wide range that you can find at Hans Voortman, you can wear your shirt the way you want. Choose from the many solid colors and find the shirt that suits you. Looking for something else? No problem; You can also kick Tommy Hilfiger shirts with a real denim look at Hans Voortman or choose one of the striped shirts to give your outfit a boost. These shirts made of 100% cotton are super comfortable and suitable for all seasons. You can also choose from the collection from a slim-fit model that has a tailored fit and fits nicely at the arms and chest. Do you find it less pleasant to wear fitted clothing or are you a bit taller or wider? Then choose the regular fit shirts from Tommy Hilfiger. These are more spacious and dress you so beautifully.

Tommy trousers

Casual and stylish; that's how you can describe Tommy Hilfiger pants. You have countless ways to combine: for example you can wear them under a shirt, polo and sweater and of course with dress shoes or cool sneakers. Tommy Hilfiger trousers are suitable for young and old and can be combined in many ways. The slim-fit model ensures that the pants fit nicely around the calves and waist. Because of the stretch in the pants, it is comfortable to wear and you have a lot of room to move. The pants, often made of cotton, make you feel stylish and comfortable and are a real eye-catcher. You can now shop the Tommy Hilfiger trousers collection At Hans Voortman with a diverse range of colors and sizes.

Tommy Hilfiger jeans

The tight, well-fitting model, also called skinny or slim fit, makes the Tommy Hilfiger Jeans modern and a must have. The jeans can be worn in a sporty way with turned legs and sporty sneakers and a colorful polo. Or in a casual way that is still very casual with a pair of smart shoes and a shirt. This way you can wear Tommy Hilfiger jeans for all kinds of contemporary activities, without having to change jeans. The Tommy Hilfiger jeans collection at Hans Voortman consists of different types, there are dark but also light models. Whichever model you choose, the jeans contain stretch, are comfortable and are a real eye-catcher.

Tommy Hilfiger shorts

You have countless options to combine and wear the Tommy Hilfiger Bermuda in a stylish way. Go for a casual shirt and white sneakers or, for example, with a T-shirt or one of the many polos. Due to the slim-fit fit and the 100% cotton material, the Tommy Hilfiger Bermudas are a real summer must for your outfit. You can shop Tommy Hilfiger's Bermudas in many different colors and sizes at Hans Voortman.

Swim shorts from Tommy

Are you looking for a trendy hip swimsuit that has a sporty design in addition to comfortable fabric? Then there is certainly the perfect swimsuit for you between the Tommy Hilfiger swimwear at Hans Voortman. The many different colors all combined with an elastic band, so you can wear your Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit if you want. Furthermore, all swim shorts come with a pair of laces in the color of the Tommy logo. Because the swimming trunks are made of 100% nylon, the swimming trunks are durable and dry quickly. The colors vary widely, for example you can wear bright yellow but also soft blue swimming trunks at Hans Voortman Shopping.

Cardigans from Tommy

Is the sun shining, but is it too cold to go out without a coat? With a Tommy Hilfiger cardigan you can go out stylish and warm without a jacket. You can combine a Tommy Hilfiger cardigan with a polo or T-shirt. A Tommy cardigan is made of 100% cotton and can easily be put on and taken off with a zipper.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility:
    Did you know that at Tommy Hilfiger they are committed to sensible water, energy and other substance use, so they ensure that there is minimal loss.
  2. At Tommy Hilfiger they pay attention to use as little cardboard packaging as possible and 80% of all Tommy boxes in the Netherlands have an FSC certificate.
  3. Cotton used by Tommy in 2020 is 100% sustainable!
  4. Workers from developing countries are catered for.
  5. Tommy Hilfiger has strict rules when it comes to manufacturing in low-wage countries. Those rules were drawn up in 1991 and changed in 2015 and made a lot stricter. This is to ensure that the safety of the factory is satisfactory and wages are paid fairly and correctly.
  6. Reducing CO2 emissions is of paramount importance to the brand. In 2020 they will emit 20% less compared to 2014. This is possible by making responsible and conscious choices. Hilfiger's motto is if we can contribute to a better society, we are happy to do so.

Need inspiration?

There is a lookbook on our website. Get inspired on how to best match your Tommy Hilfiger items. You can combine a bright Orange Tommy Hilfiger polo with a Tommy Hilfiger bermuda. Or a neat shirt on neat trousers, countless combinations. With the lookbook you can see how something is standing or failing so that you can immediately order the right product.

Tommy discount and sale

Are you looking for Tommy Hilfiger clothing but would you rather buy it at a discount? That's possible, go to our site, click on sale and then Tommy Hilfiger. Keep an eye on our social media channels and website and sign up for the newsletter, so that you don't miss anything and if you are the first to find out about discounts from your favorite brands.

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