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Parajumpers: High-tech outwear


Strangely enough, the story of the Italian brand Parajumpers starts in Alaska! After all, the brand is dedicated to the 210th Rescue Squadron in Alaska. The brand has not been around for very long; it was founded in 2005 by a well-known designer. Italian designer Massimo Rosetti was impressed with the work of the rescue workers. These military-backed rescue workers operate in the most difficult of circumstances to save lives. Difficult missions require these people to get the best out of themselves and also high-quality, functional equipment. The designer has therefore designed jackets that are functional, but also fashionable. At Hans Voortman we are therefore real fans of this wonderful brand.

Which Parajumpers models are there?

The Parajumpers collection consists of different jackets, sweaters and cardigans. Below we tell you which models you can buy from Hans Voortman. There are the:

  • Ugo Man: This is a down filled jacket from Parajumpers without a hood.
  • PARAJUMPERS Last Minute Man: This is a down filled jacket from Parajumpers with hood.
  • Right Hand Man: This is a jacket with many pockets and a fur collar; the jacket is filled with down.
  • PARAJUMPERS NOLAN MAN: This is a down filled vest jacket.
  • Caleb: This is a sweater with the Parajumpers logo on the left sleeve or written out on the chest.
  • Kanya Man: Is a real designer jacket with a minimalistic look. Perfect Man: This is a body warmer from Parajumpers.
  • Parajumpers Elliot Man: You can see this jacket in the collection in the summer. This is a thin cardigan coat with stretch without a hat.
  • Parajumpers Jonny Man: These are the t-shirts with a slim-fit fit.


Parajumpers clothes have a normal cut. We therefore advise you to order your own size. If a product is smaller or larger, we will mention this in the product description.

Parajumpers down jackets are of very good quality and the jackets are made in such a way that the loss of down is minimized as much as possible. Nevertheless, it may happen that you occasionally find some down feathers on your outerwear.

Sure. In the summer you can buy caps and in the winter you can shop caps and hats from Parajumpers.

Good question! There are many fake Parajumpers coats in circulation right now. Fake Parajumpers are not only inferior in quality, but can also be harmful to whoever wears them. At Hans Voortman you can be sure that you are buying real Parajumpers.

Below we tell you everything about the well-known brand Parajuimpers:

  • First of all, we will tell you which items you can buy from Parajumpers.
  • Then we go into the history behind the brand.
  • Then on the materials and appearance of Parajumpers.
  • Finally, we tell you everything about the winter collection.


Are you looking for a sweater or jacket from the Italian brand Parajumpers? You're in the right place at Hans Voortman! Our collection is very extensive and we have many items in the collection! Choosing the right Parajumpers jacket or sweater can be quite difficult! That is why we have listed a lot of information for you below that can help you buy your jacket or sweater. PARAJUMPERS JACKETS are currently the most popular garments of this brand. You can shop these at, but also in our store in Rijssen. Very handy if you want to try on first.


If you've never worn anything from Parajumpers, you always have to wait and see how the clothes fall. Our experience is that Parajumpers jackets or sweaters normally fall out. So you can just shop your own size. Make sure that all jackets and sweaters have a slim-fit fit, which means that the clothes fit nicely. You can consider taking a size up if you are taller than 190 cm or a bit wider.


Parajumper men's jackets are therefore both practical and fashionable. Parajumpers men's jackets are practical because they often have many pockets and can take a beating. The hallmark of every Parajumpers jacket is the yellow cord, also known as the parachute yellow strap. This cord refers to the Parajumpers parachute yellow strap. You often see this yellow strap on the back and front of the jackets. Nice detail is that you can tie your jacket high with this strap that you can attach to an iron hook. Looking for a functional jacket with a story that is also very fashionable? A jacket from Parajumpers is really something for you!


You will get through a cold winter well with a jacket from Parajumpers! The winter jackets from Parajumpers keep you nice and warm, even at temperatures well below freezing. The often detachable fur collar gives your jacket a fashionable look and protects you from the rain or snow. A good example of such a jacket is the Masterpiece Edition Parajumper jacket. This coat has a nice fur collar and many pockets. Parajumpers jackets can also be worn in the spring and summer. The summer coats are filled with less down. You can recognize a summer jacket from Parajumpers by the orange stitching on the shoulders. A fun fact is that you can remove the inner lining from some jackets. This way you can also wear the jacket at somewhat higher temperatures. PARAJUMPERS SWEATERS. A sweater from Parajumpers is often recognizable by the logo which is large written on the chest. In addition, it may also be that the logo is visible on the left sleeve; this sweater has visible accent stripes on the shoulders.

What are Parajumpers made of?

A Parajumpers jacket is made of high-quality materials and designed in Italy. A commonly used material is a certain type of nylon. This nylon ensures that your jacket will last a long time and is resistant to wind and weather. Curious where all the materials from the jackets come from? Many materials come from the Far East from countries such as Japan, Korea and China. In addition, many materials are also produced in Italy. All materials are tested according to a specific procedure: the R.E.A.C.H. Procedure; A characteristic of this process is strict care that no potentially harmful chemicals or liquids are used in the manufacture of Parajumpers clothing.

Some of the coats from Parajumpers are embellished with a beautiful fur collar. This fur collar is made of real coyote fur from North America. The fur meets the highest quality standards and comes from wild coyotes. You can also shop Parajumpers jackets with a synthetic fur collar.


You can shop a Polo from Parajumpers in the store in Rijssen as well as in the webshop at Hans Voortman. You can recognize a Parajumpers polo by the small logo on the chest. Sometimes you also see orange accent stripes on the shoulders.


You will find sweaters from Parajumpers, also called Caleb man, in the collection every season. You can shop the sweaters in different variants. On some sweaters, the Parajumpers logo is large or printed in the letters PJS on the chest. With other sweaters you don't see a print but a small logo patch on the left sleeve. This season you can see the small Parajumpers logo on the chest. The text PARAJUMPERS is also written large on the chest in bold letters.


Clothing from Parajumpers may cost a little, but you can be sure that you are buying a piece of clothing that will last for years. The high quality and high-quality materials ensure that the clothes remain beautiful for a long time. Because the brand symbolizes innovation, functionality and is also a fashion icon, the items remain in fashion for years.

In depth Review - The most popular jacket from Parajumpers
Parajumpers Ugo or Last Minute Man

The Parajumpers Ugo Man or Last Minute man are the most popular jackets. These jackets are suitable for an adventure in the woods. Or you can complete your urban look with it. The Ugo Man is a quilted down jacket without a hat with two pockets on the front and an inner pocket. You will find a small, yellow parachute strap signature on the front of the jacket. The Last Minute Man is the same jacket, only with a hood.

Robust jacket? Go for the Right Hand Man

This is the perfect outdoor jacket. Although this jacket weighs up to 2.5 kilos, it is very comfortable to wear and really feels like the ultimate winter jacket. The jacket has many pockets, including a large pocket on the front that you can unzip completely. The iconic Parajumpers parachute strap is of course not missing at the collar. In the jacket you can find a quilted inner lining that is fastened with buttons. So you can take it out on warmer days. The Parajumpers Right Hand has a beautiful fur collar. Prefer to shop the short model of this jacket? This is the Parajumpers GOBI.

Down jackets from Parajumpers: Ideal!

If you are looking for a jacket that you can wear for a long time, the down jackets from Parajumpers are ideal. The down filling ensures that the jackets are ideal to wear at temperatures of 0-15 degrees. Down retains light heat well and is not too warm when temperatures rise. DOWN JACKETS. The down jackets from Parajumpers are an ideal in-between jacket. They are nice and thin, but still provide enough heat. This is because the jacket is filled with down and feathers. This keeps you nice and warm when it is cold, but it is also not too warm at higher temperatures. We see that the Ugo Man, which is a down jacket without a cap, is one of the most popular jackets next to the Last Minute Man; this jacket has a hat. Characteristic is that the Parajumpers down jackets are always provided with a short, yellow parachute strap.

What accessories does a Parajumpers down jacket have?

The in-between jackets are equipped with two zip pockets on the front and a zip pocket on the chest. In addition, the jacket also has an inner pocket. On the left arm you can see the Parajumpers logo patch and at the closure you will find the yellow Parachute strap. The jacket has a double zipper and is decorated with a leather strap and a beautiful orange stitching. Parajumpers has put a lot of energy into holding the down feathers as best as possible. The down loss is thus reduced to a minimum.

Which down jacket model should I choose?

Parajumpers has two models that you can wear all year round. These are the Last Minute Man and the Ugo Man. The difference between the two models is that the Last Minute Man has a hat and the Ugo Man does not.


The winter collection of Parajumpers at Hans Voortman mainly consists of jackets and sweaters. Every Parajumpers men's jacket is filled with down. Down has the property that it can absorb moisture well by evaporation and perspiration and then release it. As a result, your Parajumpers down jacket is ideal for both colder and warmer weather; you never get too hot and never too cold thanks to the optimal filling power. The down jackets are light, pleasant to wear and are therefore very popular. At Hans Voortman you can shop different men's models Parajumpers down jackets.


Do you want to buy items from Parajumpers but would you prefer to shop them with a discount in the sale? Yes who does not want that? At Hans Voortman you can buy jackets and sweaters from Parajumpers in the sale in the store in Rijssen as well as online twice a year. Keep an eye on our website and social media! Be the first to know? Then sign up for the newsletter!