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Ralph Lauren

For people looking for top quality clothing, Ralph Lauren is a very suitable choice. This brand was founded in 1967 in the United States by the fashion designer of the same name and today Ralph Lauren garments are worn all over the world. The Ralph Lauren Corporation isn't just focusing on men's polo shirts anymore as it used to be. They also offer sweaters, shirts and pants, for both men and women. At Hans Voortman we have a wonderful selection of Ralph Lauren clothing. Feel free to view our range or read more about this acclaimed clothing brand below.

The Ralph Lauren brand

The American designer Ralph Lauren saw a gap in the market in the fashion world in the late 1960s. He realized that there was a lot of demand for premium short-sleeved shirts and therefore decided to release the Ralph Lauren Polo. The brand became extremely popular within a short time and is still an integral part of the street scene. Over the years, the Ralph Lauren Corporation began to design more types of clothing. The premium aspect of the brand is clearly reflected in the logo, the design of the garments and the material used. In recent years, the company also sells accessories, fragrances and even furniture.

Why choose Ralph Lauren clothing?

There are several reasons to choose Ralph Lauren clothing. First of all, the released garments from the collection are simply beautiful. Everyone can see at a glance that it is about high quality. The logo of a polo player with a horse is also of added value due to the beautiful design. In addition, the clothing is also very comfortable to wear. Finally, the materials are top quality which means they will last for years without any problems.

Ralph Lauren polos

The polo is one of the most popular pieces of clothing. Many men choose to wear this shirt when the sun is shining and the weather is nice. The men's polo shirt was the shirt with which the designer and therefore the Ralph Lauren brand became world famous. Later on, several types of polo shirts were added to the collection. These are the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport and the Ralph Lauren PoloTech. In 2014, polo shirts that are suitable for women appeared on that market.

Other Ralph Lauren Garments

In addition to the well-known Ralph Lauren polo shirts, the company has launched several types of products. Now it is also possible to choose comfortable and stylish sweaters, sweaters, shirts, pants, T-shirts, jackets and more. You can also go to Ralph Lauren for swimming trunks, caps and underwear. It is therefore possible to purchase the clothing of this brand for both your winter and summer collection. It is advisable to make your purchases at a reliable clothing store such as Hans Voortman.

Buy Ralph Lauren clothes at Hans Voortman

At Hans Voortman Men's Fashion we have a huge range of Ralph Lauren items. You can choose clothing in many shapes and sizes from our Ralph Lauren store. The prices are competitive and you can make use of our warranty and return arrangements if necessary. It is possible to make purchases in our webshop. Of course you can also visit our beautiful Ralph Lauren store in Rijssen for this brand. However, it is not an exclusive Ralph Lauren clothing store. We have dozens of beautiful clothing and shoe brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein. Of course you can also contact us for complete looks or sets. Do you need advice? Then our employee will be happy to help you!

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