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Lyle & Scott: Over 200 items

The Scottish brand Lyle & Scott has been around for many years. The fashion label was founded in 1847 by W. Lyle and W. Scott. Nice to know is that the brand mainly focused on making underwear. In the early years, however, the brand became popular very quickly, so that it also saw an opportunity to focus on producing other items of clothing. The "king of the basics" was born. See for example the popular sweaters. The brand quickly became popular and that even led to collaborations with exclusive French fashion brands.

In the 1960s Lyle & Scott founded a specific line for golfers. This clothing is still seen by golfers as the leading player in golf clothing for men. Lyle and Scott's clothes are very popular right now. You see a lot of celebrities wearing it. Since the beginning of this century, the famous "golden eagle" logo has appeared on all items.


The Lyle & Scott logo can be called iconic. The bright yellow logo in the shape of an eagle can be seen on all garments from Lyle and Scott. The logo refers to the golf term "eagle". This term refers to the fact that on average you need it one stroke less than the average golfer.

The Lyle & Scott t-shirts have a logo on the chest. At the caps on the front and at the jackets also on the chest. Recently, however, you see that the logo is also printed large on the sweaters and t-shirts.



We advise to order your own size. The clothing is normal, but a bit wider than Italian high-end brands.

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Yes, you can also shop for all the items you see online in the store in Rijssen.

Lyle & Scott Men's Collection 2019

Want to shop Lyle & Scott online? You have come to the right place at Hans Voortman. You will find more than 200 different items in the store and online. Take a look through the collection. Are you going for a Lyle and Scott sweater or for a hoodie with a matching cap? Unsure about your size? The brand is normal: we advise you to order your own size. Lyle & Scott prefer to shop in the store? Then come to the store in Rijssen to discover the Lyle & Scott collection!


The Eagle Brand: Identity

The brand is widely known for the basics. Every season you see a lot of the same sweaters, polos and cardigans in the collection. Handy, because once you like an item you can easily order it in the same size or different color without having to worry about whether it will be different this season. Simple appearance, but high quality standards and craftsmanship: that is what Lyle & Scott is all about.

However, in addition to the basics, Lyle & Scott has enough new items in the collection every season. Because do you think of brightly colored summer coats or polos with special prints! At Hans Voortman we receive new items from Lyle and Scott all year round.


Golfers favorite: Lyle & Scott Polo

Lyle & Scott's polos have been popular for years. However, not just for golfers anymore. You can shop the polos at Hans Voortman every season. You can choose from many different colors and variants. We receive new colors and prints every season. You don't have to worry about the size; the polos are always the same.


Lyle & Scott Shirts

T-shirts from Lyle and Scott are very popular. At Hans Voortman you can shop these shirts in all kinds and colors. The basic t-shirts in a solid color with the logo on the chest are popular. However, every season you also see unique color combinations and patterns. This makes the brand ideal for color blocking.

For example, some t-shirts have red-white-blue stripes on the sleeves or a beautiful print with blocks or stripes. You also see that some t-shirts have a pocket in a contrasting color. New this season are Lyle and Scott's t-shirts that resemble old English football shirts; these shirts have a solid color with white sleeves.

Lyle & Scott Coats

You can buy jackets from this brand at Hans Voortman both in the store and online. You can shop softshell jackets, normal jackets and anoraks from Lyle and Scott. The most popular are the softshell jackets from Lyle and Scott. A softshell jacket is very useful, because you can wear it for any occasion. The difference between the summer and winter version is that the winter version is slightly thicker. You can shop the jackets with or without a hood.