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Fred Perry

Fred Perry: from tennis polo to contemporary casual fashion.

Fred Perry started as a sports brand that made polos for tennis players and table tennis players. The first polo was only available in white. When white was banned for table tennis players, many other colors were also released. Nowadays it is no longer just a sports brand, but is also worn casually. Fred Perry is an example of a "casual brand". If you combine a Fred Perry Polo with cool jeans or a neat chino, it can also look very casual with a sporty touch.

The famous laurel wreath from FP The laurel wreath is the logo of Fred Perry. The logo in the shape of a laurel wreath can be seen on every piece of Fred Perry clothing. The laurel wreath is a symbol of fame, tribute and incorruption. Furthermore, the laurel wreath also appeared on the medals of Perry's Wimbledon medals. So this was a symbol of fame and power. The garments have the logo printed on the chest. It differs per polo in which color the logo is printed. Nowadays the clothing brand Fred Perry is known worldwide and it is impossible to imagine the current street scene without it.


Fred Perry clothes have a normal fit. Choose your own size. The fit is usually regular fit.

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