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What makes Woolrich?

When you think of Woolrich, you immediately think of outdoor clothing with fantastic quality. Woolrich is the oldest outdoor fashion producer in the USA. Woolrich is known for its fashionable parka's with fur collar hats. All jackets are finished with a special coating that protects against water, wind and stains. This season we have an extensive collection of winter coats from Woolrich. New in the collection are the Woolrich sweaters polos. Looking for a fashionable, durable, warm winter coat or a thin summer coat? Woolrich is a good choice!

The Woolrich Brand Story

Woolrich's entire adventure began in America in 1830 by John Rich and Daniel McCormick. It all started with producing wool blankets for lumberjacks in the area. That worked out well, the wool blankets turned out to be getting more attention. Also in the American Civil War when the blankets were given to soldiers to keep warm in the worst conditions. Those good sales gave John Rich only one idea, to produce clothes that have the same properties as the blankets. He was thinking about starting a factory. Timing was right. In the early 1900s, countless workers to Pennsylvania flocked to build steam engines and lay railroad tracks. There was a strong demand for warm clothing, especially clothing that was both comfortable and resistant to all weather conditions. Woolrich has made good use of that. John bought a commercial property 15 years later in 1845 where he could expand, he succeeded so well that to this day the area is still known as “Woolrich, Pennsylvania”.


Woolrich's international ambitions

Camping became extremely popular around the 1970s, when Woolrich had competitors they couldn't distinguish themselves from. For example, Woolrich has laid off more than 1,200 employees and closed 6 factories throughout the country. Then they looked for cheaper ways to keep production going, and they came up with the idea of ??outsourcing work to Mexico. Again it worked out well, they gained more attention through good marketing and sponsored a number of films that were often viewed. Over the years, Woolrich has grown again and made other lines in their jackets, such as a more luxurious line and a sporty line. Woolrich also made limited edition jackets to give the brand a more exclusive look compared to other competing brands. The brand's second star product was introduced in 1972. Created for Alaska pipeline workers, the original Arctic Parka is designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the northernmost state. The garment became an indispensable protection against the wind, rain, snow and average temperatures of 30 ° C below zero. Today, the Arctic Parka has expanded to all latitudes and has undergone some changes to keep the same value with the changing fashion. In addition to its good quality, the jacket's appeal lies in its subtle yet accurate interpretation of contemporary taste. The success of the parka was and still is of great importance in making Woolrich a supplier of sustainable outdoor clothing and sportswear.

Modern Woolrich

In 2007, Roswell Brayton, Jr., the company's longtime president and CEO, died. This was after the collapse at Woolrich's headquarters. He was Woolrich's sixth generation and joined the company in 1977. In 1997 he became CEO of the Woolrich company. The current president, Nick Brayton, and vice president Joshua Rich, represent the seventh and eighth generations of the Rich family to serve in the management of the company. The former Woolrich co-creative director, Daiki Suzuki. That's the man who brought Woolrich to Japan in the 1970s. As a result of which the out wear fashion trend developed into a popular style in the country.

Recent developments at Woolrich

The brand was partly taken over by the Italian company WP Lavori in 2016, so they had to move from the US. As a result, Woolrich has now become an international company. The Japanese company Goldwin Inc. Also took over part of the newly established company this year. Two years later in 2018, the company announced that it would shut down its last factory in Woolrich, Pennsylvania for good. Thanks to an inspiration from W.P. Lavori in Corso, Woolrich was brought to Europe, whereupon Woolrich developed into one of the coolest and most popular clothing brands. “Comfort, Durability, Resistance, Warmth and Simplicity” serve as guidelines for Woolrich. The search for fabrics, the affinity with detailing, lines, fit, durability, heat and protection are characteristics that make this brand a symbol for anyone who wants to express a relaxed but recognizable lifestyle with clothing. WP has adopted these values ??and developed the brand in such a way that it is successful all over Europe. Woolrich continues to expand in Europe. After Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Woolrich also conquers the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, France, England and Russia. The former company WP Lavori was also sold to L-GAM Advisers. In 2007, Roswell Brayton, Jr., the company's longtime president and CEO, died after collapsing at Woolrich's corporate headquarters. A sixth-generation member of the Rich family, he joined the company in 1977 and became president in 1996 and CEO the following year. The current president, Nick Brayton, and vice president Joshua Rich, represent the seventh and eighth generations of the Rich family to serve in the management of the company. So you see that the market for outdoor clothing and equipment has acquired few other properties in the 200 years. That market still strives for a jacket designed with performance, functionality and durability in mind. They are now going further in that, today's coats have to be resistant to a snowstorm if you want to compete with the top brands.

Woolrich In Dept. Review

While you are here, you are certainly interested in the Woolrich brand. Below is the Brand Story of this beautiful brand.

Who is wearing Woolrich?

Are you a man who strives for a perfect winter coat? Then Woolrich should not be missing in your wardrobe. The more than 180 year old brand strives for quality of the brand, are you a businessman and are you looking for a neat and warm coat for your daily outfit? Woolrich has different lines in their collection. Think of a thick winter coat with a slightly coarser fabric with a fur collar, perfect to complete your outfit. Or go for a smooth fabric without a fur collar, especially popular among the young. This type of jacket can be perfectly combined with sporty jeans. People who have already bought a Woolrich jacket know that you can continue with the jacket for years, which makes it a good investment. The Woolrich jackets are equipped with a cotton - nylon blend and treated with a wind and water resistant Teflon layer for extra protection. The jacket is filled with duck down which immediately provides warmth as soon as you put the jacket on. The down also shapes around your body, providing extra comfort. Each pocket of a Woolrich jacket has a fleece fabric on the inside, so you can keep your hands warm in cold conditions. Several studies have shown that Woolrich has the best fur collar of all competing brands. A Woolrich fur collar contains the least formaldehyde, which is a substance that can be harmful to the consumer. The same goes for ethoxylates, a Woolrich jacket contains a maximum of 44mg, one of the competing jackets contains no less than 70x that. There is a strict standard, which means that Woolrich wants to make their clothing as perfect as possible for the consumer.

Woolrich emblem / badge

The well-known strip with Velcro on the collar that features Woolrich. That is the emblem that makes the brand clear, you can fasten it in front of the zipper so that it is visible to the person opposite you. You can also attach it under your hat, so that the brand is not visible on your neat Woolrich jacket. Not every jacket has the strip, other lines of the brand only have a small brand batch on the side of the left shoulder. A small piece of the logo is also displayed in the seam on the right back of your jacket in the color red, a thing that should not be missed by real connoisseurs.

Woolrich bering jackets

If you want a Woolrich jacket but not a parka, then you have come to the right place at Hans Voortman. Our range also includes a Bering Jacket, a light down jacket from Woolrich. This fitted jacket is filled with duck down and made of polyester. This provides a small stretch that is incorporated into the jacket, and you also get a light jacket that you can easily take with you or fold up.

Woolrich Luxery sweaters

Last year Woolrich has done a nice range expansion, they have started producing sweaters and shirts. The cool sweaters are sold in different colors. The brand is printed in a 3d shape on the front of the sweater. Woolrich says the following about this: “this is how you create a vintage look that attracts the consumer”. The sweaters are finished on the inside with a fleece fabric which immediately provides warmth as soon as you put the sweater on. Just like the shirts, the sweaters are slim fit, which means that they fit nicely on your body. The sweater is equipped with a small crew Neck, which means that your sweater has a round neck with a little elastic in it. The colors that Woolrich supplies provide a lively appearance in the wardrobe.

Woolrich Tech stretch Artic parka

This year Woolrich presents the new line of Tech Stretch artic parka. This winter jacket is made for all weather conditions, you can walk through the rain and stay dry. What you quickly have with a wind and waterproof jacket is that it does not breathe. The Woolrich Tech Stretch is a wind and waterproof jacket that is a breathable winter jacket thanks to new technologies. Wearing this jacket will keep you warm in the coldest days. The quality of this jacket is phenomenal, few other brands can compete with Woolrich's quality and class.

  • Sporty design, yet neat

The old brand Woolrich has several sporty lines, including this line. This jacket has a smooth fabric with several pockets on the jacket. The appearance that Woolrich radiates makes this a neat jacket. The pockets are tightly finished with buttons, the buttons are for a more classic look, making this jacket well suited to the styles of many consumers.

  • Warm and comfortable

The jacket is filled with duck down to retain the warmth of the consumer. The jacket is equipped with a hood that you can close at the front with a chin protector. Due to the stretch fabric that is incorporated in the jacket, this will ensure optimal user comfort. The jackets that are incorporated on the jacket should not be missing, they not only provide sufficient storage space, but also provide practical user comfort.

Woolrich quality

Of course you wonder once at these expensive coats if it is worth your money, this is true. The price is never entirely due to the quality, although you can do with a Woolrich jacket for years. The price of the jacket is mainly due to the performance the jacket delivers. If you have a cheaper polyester winter jacket, which is also well insulated, it still cannot compete with the Woolrich jackets. Woolrich produces all their coats 100% themselves, so they also do the filling themselves. The filling is down, there is no other product that insulates better than down, because it absorbs your body heat directly in the jacket.

Woolrich sale

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Woolrich shopping

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